Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Spring flinging by....

Lilac fragrance lingers in the air right now since they are almost in full bloom.

The Man pruned them ferociously last fall and it worked well.

We. have. so. many. lilac. blooms.

Canning jars and vases lined up, waiting to be filled with these glorious blooms. Tomorrow morning I'm harvesting as many as I can to bring in and perfume my home.

Do you remember picking lilacs and bringing them to school to give to your teacher? We used to pick a bunch and wrap a wet paper towel around the stems and then aluminum foil around that, climb on the bus and hope they made it to school before someone sat on them or broke them. I think every teacher had a big bouquet of lilacs on her desk. 

I loved walking into classrooms and smelling lilacs.
J's plant that he gave me for Momma's Day. It looks so pretty on the periwinkle chair.

I think I paid two or three dollars for that chair at the thrift store this past winter. All it needs is a little sanding to age it a bit and maybe a glaze, if I have the time.
Almost gone. The tulips are throwing their petals wide open right now, almost flinging themselves out in a blaze of color. Their edges are curling and there are only a few left that close up tight when the sun starts to go down.

The rest of them stand tall, petals dropped here and there at the base of their stems.

I really don't like it when spring flowers go past. I miss them. And I'm reminded of how fast time is passing.

Please slow down, Mr. Time. You're always in a rush.
The sun was fading and a lone dandelion seed head was lighting up so nicely.

I know. They're weeds.

But I like them.

*Sigh. Day is done.


A patron asked for a book this morning, at the library. He was looking for the third book in a Star Wars series and the title was "Darth Bane".

I wrote up a request slip, went to put it in the purchasing drawer, looked down at it and started giggling.

I wrote, "Darth Babe".

Whew. Good thing I looked down. I can only imagine my director's face as she searched for "Darth Babe". 


  1. I LOVE LILACS...sadly, I don't have lilac bushes...but that fragrance! It's intoxicating. And I DO remember bringing lilacs wrapped in alum foil!

  2. I adore that periwinkle chair.

    Beautiful picture of the dandelion!

  3. wow i am so jealous of all your blooms! I think we are having a cool spring or all of our flowers have something wrong with them! I looked back in my blog last year and by mid-April all our trees and tulips/daffodials were in bloom. Here we are 11 days into May and we still have nothing....
    it's been very cold :(

  4. @ Lyndsay - last year we were running about 30 days ahead of normal so I know all my blooming flowers from April were super early! Did that happen to you out on the Cape? We had such a mild winter/spring last year.

  5. Hmmm maybe that's what it is! I guess i just figured my flowers were supposed to bloom when they came up last year, but perhaps they are just on their "normal" schedule. I heard it was a very warm spring last year.

    Here's hoping they are not dead and are going to be blooming soon!