Thursday, May 26, 2011

Friendly {Flours}

Sissy and I were thrifting a few days ago and I found this pretty aluminum flour canister. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for.

Right now it's holding some roses that have seen better days. I giggled when I took this picture and saw the word "flour" lining up underneath the "flowers". 

Maybe it will stay a {flower} canister after all.
A friend is looking for a photo of Lily of the Valley blooms. 

Mine are on the downside and a wee bit sad looking. Actually, very sad looking since the bottom blooms have jumped off the stem.

Pesky little blooms. Don't you know I want to photograph you?
I shot these this evening, after the sun had gone down. I had to kick up the ISO too much, I think. These look grainy to me. 

But I don't have any more Lily of the Valley. I hope T has some. Especially since she lives way far up North and maybe they haven't finished blooming there yet.

T, if you read this posting before next Wednesday, bring some Lily of the Valley to me and I'll give it another shot. 

Ha. Get it? Shot?

I make myself laugh.


K babysat for Sissy last night so she could go to knitting class. Since K is a fairly new driver, I make her text message me when she's leaving somewhere so I know she's on her way home. So when she left Sissy's, K sent me a message. Sure enough, twenty minutes later, she pulls into our driveway.

She took the turn a little quick, I thought. And as I was thinking that, I heard a funny noise. Sort of like the noise you hear when you put the car in "park" and it hasn't quite stopped yet.

Not that I've done that.

K came flying into the house, "There's smoke coming from the car! I didn't do it! And the gauge is all the way to the top! I didn't do it! Do something! Ack!"

The Man jumps out of his chair, with me right behind him, and we quickly ran outside to see what was going on. 

Steam. That's what was going on. Steam. Not smoke.

And the car parked smack in the middle of the driveway, blocking anyone from leaving or coming in.

The Man said to K, "This is steam, K. And why'd you park in the middle of the driveway? Now we can't get out."

To which K replied, "Steam? Smoke? All the same, Dad. And the car was going to explode. I had to get out of it fast."

Oy vey, drama. 

An appointment with the mechanic tomorrow. And a lesson on the difference between steam and smoke for K.


  1. Hahaha!! Poor K, sounds like something that would happen to me! Too funny :)

  2. P.S. The pink flowers contrasting with the blue surface is absolutely divine!!