Monday, May 16, 2011

A Lesson in Social Skills, otherwise known as "Prom"

She was absolutely lovely for their prom.

He was dapper and poised.

The Man and I invited P and his parents to our home for photos before the prom-goers gathered at the town green. It's a tradition in our town for prom-goers to meet on the town green, at the gazebo, and take lots of photos with their dates and their friends. And the limos. Don't forget the photos of them lined up in front of the limos.

It was a wonderfully sunny day. And warm. Which was a good thing since most of the young ladies had on barely there dresses. 
Meet Bond, James Bond. Junior, that is.

Doesn't he look nice in his tuxedo?

They had a wee bit of trouble getting his boutonniere to pin onto his jacket. I had to help pin it. P handed me the pin with trembling hands.

I mentioned this to the Man as we were driving back from the town green after all the pre-prom picture taking was over.

He looked at me incredously. "Of course he was nervous. He came over to pick up a pretty girl for their first date. Which is the PROM, for gosh sake. He's dressed in a suit he doesn't really want to be wearing. Meeting her parents for the first time. And dragging his parents along with him. I'd be throwing up, if I was him."

Oh. I didn't think of it that way. 

Other than the trembling hands giving me the pin, he looked cool as a cucumber.

The Man and I were very happy with our daughter's choice of prom date. He was poised, well-mannered, shook our hands with a firm grasp and calmly introduced himself to us. All in all, a very nice young man.
K is used to being in front of the camera for me so she had no trouble smiling pretty in all the pictures. He was a little more hesitant. I had a hard time coaxing a smile out of him.

Until I told them to look at each other.

Then he started smiling.

By the way, this is a great tip. Tell a couple to look at each other and they almost always start smiling. And if you're trying to get friends to smile, tell them you don't want them to smile. And to be very serious. Guaranteed laughter every time. Start clicking right away and you'll get some fantastic shots.
The town green was a mob scene. You can kind of see that in the photo above and the photo below. It was a fun time, chasing these two around, trying to get pictures of them and their friends. It was like trying to keep kittens in a box. We'd gather three or four friends, and while we were searching for other friends to throw in the picture, the initial friends would scatter.


But I have lots more pictures from that night.

I'm only showing you my absolute favorites. And I haven't shown you any of K with all her friends.

My goodness, I only have so much time to blog tonight.
And here is my absolute favorite shot of the night. 

I have no idea what they were looking at, maybe his mom or dad standing near me with a camera. 

But I love the look on their faces, especially K's.

Just beautiful.


  1. Beautiful photos, I love the colors! What a great couple :)

  2. beautiful!! i miss getting all dressed up and the anticipation..