Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ferris Wheel Fiasco and Stinkweed


This photo is making me crazy.

I have a vision in my mind of what I want it to look like and it just won't happen. I sat in front of the computer for two hours tonight just trying to make this photo turn out the way I'm envisioning it.

I did not envision it orange.

Or bright.

Or tropical looking.

I pictured it darker. And more ethereal. Way more ethereal.  Aaaaargh. I'll be back at the drawing board tomorrow night.

I'm too tired to work on it anymore.


I bought lots of flowers yesterday. Sissy and I stopped at a local flower and plant place and got lots of perennials, a flat of annuals, and some herbs for my herb garden.

Er, I mean the Man's herb garden.

I had to branch out and buy some red flowering plants, and some white ones, and some yellow ones. I really wanted to buy the pink and purple ones, but I'm not allowed.

Mom commented a few days ago that all the flowers blooming in our yard right now are pink or purple. And we need other colors.

I took that as a hint not to buy any more pink or purple flowers.


Eeek. The strawberry plants are taking over the garden. The Man had no idea they would grow as good as they are, or spread as far as they have. We have to move them and get them out of the garden. He's afraid they're going to take over. Kind of like an alien species.

Speaking of taking over, we have this horrible stuff growing in our grass called tick-me-off weed. Well, that's not its real name. 

Its real name is stinkweed. No, that's not its real name either.

It's called chickweed. And it's everywhere. It's horrible.

I think our two year lawn plan is going to be a five year lawn plan.

We need professionals.


  1. I was thinking it had an ethereal look to it, on my screen. The only bright is the hot pink on the seats - which are small enough. There's very little which could be called orange.

    It looks fine!! Maybe you should let it (the photo) go where it wants!

  2. the dandelions are taking over our yard!!

    and i agree with Lisa, it looks ethereal here too! not tropical in the slightest!