Monday, August 19, 2013

A Very Nice Day Indeed

Other Sissy and my niece came for a visit. We took off for parts unknown and did a wee bit of shopping when we got there. A small town with a very cute Main Street, full of eclectic shops and art galleries and tons of restaurants.

The girls took money. I took my camera.
Très jolie.
I'm always looking for interesting backdrops off the beaten path.

And it definitely was off the beaten path. Or else the girls would not  have posed so pretty for me.
You can see the attitude starting. I have clearly snapped enough shots.
We stopped for bubble tea.

If you've never had bubble tea, get yourself some PRONTO.

It makes drinking tea a whole lot of fun.
Can you see the bubbles at the bottom of the bubble tea? 

The brown ones are made from tapioca and are chewy. The pink ones are filled with juice and pop in your mouth when you bite down on them.

I love how this shop seals your cup with a plastic sheet. You poke the big fat straws right through the cover. No spilling, no leaking.

Bubble tea = fun.
Local ice cream shop.

Nice color. Nice architectural detail.

Nice day.

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