Saturday, August 24, 2013

Beach Music

 Aaaah. The beach. 

Time to dig a hole and jump in. 


 “Every time I stand before a beautiful beach, its waves seem to whisper to me: If you choose the simple things and find joy in nature’s simple treasures, life and living need not be so hard.” 
- Psyche Roxas-Mendoza

K and her friend and I came down to the beach early. We had some shopping to do before we got here. 

Outlet mall. Words that strike terror into the Man's heart.

Let me just say....we saved the Man SO. MUCH. MONEY with all the sales we happened upon.

"You'd save more money if YOU DIDN'T GO SHOPPING!" he might have said to me a time or two or twenty. 

Tra-la-la. I can't hear you.
“My day is done, and I am like a boat drawn on the beach, listening to the dance-music of the tide in the evening.” 
- Rabindranath Tagore, Stray Birds


  1. Oh, such pictures! Such beauty.

  2. I just went to email you only to realize I don't have your address. Via snail mail or somehow, I will be in touch more soon! :)

    Still Smiling Over Bakery-String-Tied Sweetness, ♥