Sunday, August 25, 2013

Star Light, Star Bright

A whole passel of people at the beach this weekend. We had enough to man a football team.

We chose to play poker instead. Well, the rest of them played. I was too busy with my camera to play.

I took a photo of A's hand and offered to sell a peek at the photo for one dollar. Lots of takers until A gave me the stink eye. He's such a good sport.
Most poker games include whiskey and cigars.

Not ours.

Water and Oreos for us. We're tough guys.
Always time for a fish face.
I love this photo.

The blues are just. so. pretty.

Memories are like this photo for me. Vague shapes and blurry impressions. There's not much that is crystal sharp. A few things here and there but mostly it's all a blur.
I think that is what draws me to photography.

Photos are a way for me to remember things with crystal sharp accuracy, like the red sunglasses K bought at the flea market that make her look so glamourous and K's friend E coming to the beach with us this weekend. You can see E in the reflection. Without this photo, I doubt I would remember those small details ten, twenty, or more, years from now.

Capturing moments. Recording history. Trying to stave off the ravages of time on the memory.
My BIL brought spike ball to play on the beach. 

Everyone that played enjoyed it. I enjoyed sitting in the sun, soaking up some sunshine, and listening to the water and seagulls.

And eating chocolate chip cookies.

Classic beach food, non?
The golden hour.

Yes. Yes, it is.
Got a chance to use my new tripod and remote release this weekend.

J's friend, A, is a photographer too. We had lots of fun shooting the stars. Can you see the Milky Way on the left? It's the cloudy formation running from top to bottom.
Looking south along the shoreline.

That sunburst coming from the window of the house? Totally unexpected. Totally cool.
Opened the lens up for ten minutes, using the tripod and remote release. 

This scene was middle-of-the-night dark. Take another look at the two photos above and that's how dark it was. I still can't believe how much light is absorbed when you leave the shutter open.

I love the star trails. I love the concentric circles, catching the Earth's rotation. I love how the North Star is at the center of the rotation.

A different set of eyes. That's what night photography does for me. Lets me see the world with a different look.

It is just. plain. fun.

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