Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Great White North, Day Five

Casa Loma.

Felt like we had been taken back to England during Jane Austen's days.
The conservatory.

Only one word for this room. 


Well, maybe breathtaking too.

And beautiful. And sunny. And happy.

That's quite a few words. Honestly, they all apply.


I love the word conservatory. When I was standing in this room, I wanted to jump up and turn around, throw my arm out, point at someone, and yell, "MISS SCARLET, WITH THE DAGGER, IN THE CONSERVATORY!"

However, since I did not want to embarrass my children or the Man, I kept my peace.
The placards placed around tell the story of Casa Loma. 

I don't remember everything but I do remember walking out of there thinking that the man who built it got the short end of the stick from the city of Toronto.

They took the home from him for back taxes. 
Gorgeous stained glass dome.
The wife's room.

Must live here. 
Red ceiling.

After that visit, we went to the CN tower.

It's no longer the tallest anything on the world record books but it's right up there with the tallest of them.

It's 1815 feet tall. A little over a third of a mile high.

View from the observation floor.

I don't really like heights. 
The glass floor. You can see all the way to the ground.

1122 feet down.

Double gulp.
My feet. I wanted proof that I stood on this glass floor.

The Man practically ran out as far as he could go. He was all smiles, downright giddy, while he was out there. Snapping pictures. Waving his arms around.

He coaxed me out so we could get a photo together. It took a little bit of persuasion to get me out there. And when I got there, he started jumping up and down.


I was not a happy woman. K was snapping photos of this whole exchange. There are lots of shots of me making cranky faces, telling him to "STOP JUMPING! RIGHT NOW!"

And then there's one where I remember why I am out there in the first place so I look at K and smile pretty for the camera.

But it's still a very stressed looking photo and I am not posting it for the whole wide world to see.


I can not believe how nervous I was standing on that glass. And looking down. 

Very scary. Very scary indeed.

I had to put on my big girl pants and be brave.
The Man refuses to make crazy faces.

So in every photo of crazy faces we have, he's the only one who looks sane.
Meandered along the harbor for a while.

Enjoyed the sunny day and waterfront.

Pretty harbor. Pretty Toronto.

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  1. I'm like your husband with the silly faces. I have a couple from the photo booth when I was a kid that are about as goofy as I get in pictures, but that's not saying much. :)

    What sweet photos. I'm so glad you're all having this time together. And I'm glad K's beautiful curls are back in these photos. Curly Girls, Unite! ;)