Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Encyclopedia

I found a book at the library a few weeks ago that I can't stop thinking about.

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

The author writes her memoirs in the form of an encyclopedia. Keywords. Short entries. Diagrams. I love the format of the book.

I think I'm going to write mine.


Under the As:

Apple Pie - My mom made the best apple pie. Flaky crust, thick and chunky apples, full of cinnamon and brown sugar, my sisters and I couldn't wait to eat those pies. I don't remember seeing her make them. They always just appeared, usually around the holidays. We were probably off at school while she did all the rolling out and chopping and baking. We would come home and there they would be, looking perfect in ceramic deep dish pie plates she made. I never got to make an apple pie with my mom. I wish I had. When I had children, I made apple pie with them. I didn't want them to miss out on a memory.

Under the Fs:

Flip Flops - I have bought over one hundred pairs of flip flops in my life. Out of those, I only have two favorite pairs. They are recent additions to my collection. I wear them every day during the summer and hate to give them up when the cool weather comes. Sanuk flip flops. But don't buy them. I don't want to create a run on them. Sanuk = happy feet.


  1. With all my heart, I wish I'd thought of that. :) How dear. This sounds wonderful.

  2. Right, Val? It sounds so simple......