Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Great White North, Day Six

Last day in Toronto.

We took a brewery tour.

We had tried to go the day before but the tours were all sold out by the time we got there.


You have to get there very early to book a tour.

A nice employee felt bad that we missed the tours so he gave us tickets for a free tour on another day. We were there bright and early the next morning.

Free beer. Free tour. 

Our tour guide was great. She gave us all a bottle of beer to start the tour, which we carried around sipping and sampling the entire time. She walked us around the brewing floor, along the catwalk above, explaining the brewing process and different pieces of machinery we were seeing. She took us into the back offices for a "behind the scenes" peek. She had hops and barley for us to see and smell and taste.

After the tour, we hung out with her and another employee. We talked about their beer and where it could be found. They only ship in Canada right now and not all of Canada, just some of it. Quebec won't let them sell in that province. Apparently you have to have a business presence in the province to sell there. They also won't let you use their roads to get through to another province. So you won't find Steam Whistle beer in Nova Scotia.

Quebec doesn't sound very friendly, does it?
Next stop? Ontario Science Center.

The contraption above measures your heart rate and and puts it to a color changing show. We were all fascinated with this machine.

And had to check to make sure we had heart beats.
A tornado making machine. My kind of machine.

Foggy smoke swirled around the bottom and the kids would jump in and move their arms in a circular fashion. Sure enough, a tornado would appear.

I could have watched this machine for hours.


Someday. Someday I'm going to chase tornadoes.
The last four photos in this post weren't taken our last night, but the night before. I forgot them on Day Five.

We went to a very cool place, the Distillery. A bunch of brick buildings that were a distillery at one time and have since been converted into shops, and restaurants, and bars, and pubs.

We walked around here for a while. Found a brewhouse to eat at, while tasting some mighty fine brews, and then wandered around a bit more.
This restaurant looked very popular judging by the number of people waiting outside.

I liked the tiny white lights over the walkway.
Walking back to the car. 

End of a great meal. Among many other great meals during the week.

End of a great evening. Among many great evenings of good weather, warm nights, and tasty treats.

End of a great day. Really, they were all great days.

End of a great trip.
Goodbye, Toronto.

You are a lovely city.

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