Friday, August 30, 2013

Bits of Randomness

I never get enough of this.

Especially when the fresh tomatoes from the garden start coming in. And the basil. Oh, yes, the fresh basil. 
Hanging from the laundry line. 

I gave him wide berth.

Spiders can eat you.
Some treasures from the flea market at the beach last weekend. I found a bunch of vintage postcards, most dated around 1910. I'm going to use them as little touches here and there throughout the year.


So the verdict on the black bean "brownies" was an overwhelming, "Yes! Delicious!"

My co-workers really enjoyed them. They ate almost the whole plate. One of my co-workers thought the consistency was a bit dense, like beans are, and she said they were, "okay." But everyone else liked them a lot. I brought some over to a friend's house tonight. I'm trying to spread the wealth so I can gather lots of opinions.

They are more like fudge than brownies. So I think I will call them Fake Fudge.


  1. Lots of knitters always tell the truth

  2. @ Toni - lol...I'll have to make them for you guys. But they were a lot of work. I have to gear up to make them again!