Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Summer Fruits

So I had to go off into the deep, dark woods today to visit one of my girlies. 

J and I became friends a couple years ago when we started a Bible study together. Her son is right smack between J and K so we have lots in common as parents. She is beautiful, inside and out, and I love, love, love spending time with her. Talk is easy, laughter is plenty, and time just flies.

Her family has a home on a lake about an hour away. You have to drive on all kinds of roads to get there. Tree covered roads. Windy, twisty, narrow roads. Dirt roads. Honestly, it was a little scary. 

But once I got there......beauty. Sheer beauty.

She spends all summer long up at that lake, surrounded by lots and lots of family - aunts and uncles, brothers, sisters, cousins, nieces and nephews, more cousins and even more cousins. Her family has been on that lake a very. long. time. 

But that means I don't get to see her too often over the summer. And although we text back and forth, there's nothing like sitting across from someone and sharing a laugh.

So when she asked me to come visit her, I said, "Absolument!" and off I went.


She made a most delicious lunch for us. I'm calling them chicken tomato basil sandwiches.

Sliced ciabatta bread.
A little olive oil.
Sliced chicken that had been sauteed in olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper.
Slices of fresh tomatoes.
Fresh basil.
Slices of provolone.
A drizzle of balsamic something or other, kind of thick so it definitely wasn't vinegar.

She assembled the sandwiches and then grilled them in the little bit of olive oil. So easy and so tasty. I promptly came home and made them for the family for dinner. 

Can you say devour?
The Man's peaches.

Sweet peach, juicy peach, lick-your-fingers-clean peach.

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