Monday, August 12, 2013

Family. Always family.

I have been overwhelmed by all the kind thoughts, and words, and hugs that I have gotten since yesterday's post. 

Thank you. 

Thank you, all of you. And I wish I could hug each one of you that has written a comment to us. They are much needed right now.


Looking through photos for yesterday's post, I found some from Father's Day that I never posted.

Good sports in my family. They make faces and laugh and giggle and give me great photos to take.
The grandkids were doing duck faces.

Grampa didn't know what that was.
He does now.

And the kids loved it. Especially the older girls.

Poor J. I don't know what he was doing. He looks like he smelled a skunk.
The men in our family and all the kids.

We have a good time when we're all together. Not often enough for my liking.
They. love. this. Man.
I love this family.


K and I did a little retail therapy tonight. We were both feeling a bit weepy so we decided we needed frozen yogurt to make us feel better.

And hot fudge.

That always makes you feel better.

After we ate, we stopped at our favorite store, Anthropologie. If you've never been, or don't have one near you, look at their store online.

Très magnifique.

While we were shopping around, I found a gorgeous scent. I sprayed some on and sniffed. And sniffed again.

I am in love with this scent.

I kept smelling my arm every few minutes or so. I had to check whether it was fading fast or not. I made K smell it and tell me what she thought. And then I made her keep sniffing to see if it was too overpowering. I would wave my arm in front of her face, then wave it back again, checking to see if the scent would waft through the air. Making sure it left a light, easy scent and not a strong, heavy, powerful scent.

I dislike powerful scents. Overwhelming, overpowering,  too strong scents. They make my head hurt. And my eyes water.

But this one was not too strong. And not too weak, either.

It was just right, Goldilocks.

So we kept walking around, shopping and sniffing for the rest of the night. Neither of us caring how strange this might have looked to anyone else. 

She's a good sport, my sweet K.


The retail therapy worked. 

We both laughed a bit, and chatted, and forgot for a little while. 

A little while of peace amidst some unsettling times.


  1. And love will save the day. ♥

  2. I came across your blog yesterday and as newcomer thought it inappropriate to step in with my condolences, though I cried a lot over your post, I know what it's like to loose a pet.
    What I realized from your post was that your dog was so much loved, so precious to your family...that's the best he could have had. I hope that consoles you.

  3. Val and Elena - thank you so much for your awfully sweet words. I will hold them close in my heart when I'm feeling weepy.