Saturday, July 18, 2015

Beachin' It

Spending a few days at the beach.

We are all piled in - grandpa, uncles, aunts, cousins, sissies - it's a full house weekend. Eating good food and spending warm, sunny days on the beach. Spending partially sunny days with lots of wind on the beach - the best body surfing weather since all that wind makes for some mighty fine waves. Going to the flea market and teaching the young ones how to barter.


I spotted an easel I wanted with a picturesque painting of a local beach scene propped against it. I did not want the painting, pretty though it was, and asked the man selling it how much he wanted for the easel. "Twenty-five for both," he said and looked at me to see my reaction.

"Geesh, I really only want the easel. How about fifteen for the easel?" I countered.

"Well, I'd like to sell them as a set. Twenty-five for both. It's a really nice painting," and stood there, firm and resolute.

"Okay, well, thanks anyway," I said, and started to walk away.

"How about twenty for both?" he yelled to me. "No, I don't want the picture and I only have fifteen," and I walked away again.

"Okay, okay. Fifteen for both," he said. "And you're getting a bargain, you know."

"I know. Thanks," and I gave him the fifteen and took my easel and very pretty painting home with me.

My nieces were impressed. And so were my kids. All in all, a good day.

Fritters for breakfast one day. Jelly donuts from the local donut shack another day. Not the most healthy food but definitely the most delicious food. Fudge. Salt water taffy.

Other Sissy went clamming early in the morning and came back with two bowls full. Fresh clams make the best Clams Casino.

In case you were wondering.


My niece was bored on the beach one afternoon so she asked K to bury her. K promptly decided to turn her into a mermaid.

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