Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Emerald Isle, Day Two Point Five

We finally made it to the top of the hill and got to see this little gem of a castle.

I think this must have been an every day Joe kind of castle. There was not a thing fancy about it. Hardly any windows. One door. Plain stone.

But the views.

Holy moly, were they something.
Have you ever seen so many rocks?

Interesting fact about those stone walls I read somewhere. There aren't any openings in the sections. If a farmer needed to move cattle or sheep, he would simply take some rocks away, let the animals through, and then rebuild the wall. They didn't use mortar to hold the stone together - just the stones.
When we came down the hill, we found ourselves working our way through the rock wall sections of farmland. There wasn't always a road but there was usually a path to follow, meandering along the rock walls. Several times I thought we were going to be trapped inside one of the rock wall sections but we always found a way out.

Of course, we didn't see anyone else walking this part of the island - confirming my thought that we probably should have gone back the way we came instead of plunging headlong into the countryside.

I was fairly certain we were going to run up against a bull in one of those little sections.
Civilization at last.

I've never been so happy to see laundry hanging on a line.
I want street signs like this in the U.S.

They are so much prettier than our plain Jane green ones and they give you so much more information, don't you think?
Not a soul to be seen.

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