Thursday, July 30, 2015

Tuna Noodle Noodlin'

Tuna noodle salad.

Staple lunch when I was a kid. My mom would make this at least once a week and it lasted a couple days. Most days we had peanut butter and jelly, another staple lunch that kids love, but we really looked forward to tuna noodle salad.

It's deceptively simple - a can of tuna, macaroni noodles (although Sissy used shells when we had this yesterday), some mayo, and a bit of chopped onion. A little salt and pepper sprinkled on top completes the childhood memory.

I took the first bite and was immediately transported back about forty years, standing in my mom's kitchen, tasting the salad right after she made it. It would still be a little warm since she hadn't put it in the fridge yet to cool.

She would call us for lunch and we would come running. There was no dawdling on tuna noodle days. One bowl wasn't enough - we always went back for another. And ate every noodle in the bowl.

Great memory. Thanks, Sissy.

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