Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bird Tomfoolery

You may remember I have a bit of a black thumb when it comes to any sort of real plant. Actually, I could probably kill off an artificial plant if I put my mind to it.

Many years ago I made the switch from real hanging flower baskets to artificial ones. I had stopped at a friend's house one morning and admired the beautiful geraniums she had hanging on the front porch. She floored me when she said they were not real.

I promptly went out and bought some for our two porches. They lasted several years and eventually faded to the point of no return.

I bought new baskets last summer and they still look pretty good. Colors are vibrant, no fading at all, and the leaves are holding nice shapes with nothing looking squished or crinkled. The best part? I get them out of the barn in the spring and put them back inside in the fall. 

No fuss, no muss. 

They look real and I am delighted.
I even fooled momma bird!

We have been noticing some movement in and around the basket on the back porch over the last few weeks. As I was getting my coffee this morning, I gazed out the window and saw a flutter of activity and the basket swinging a bit much for a normal breeze. I could hear some peeping and went out to investigate.

I saw two tiny heads peeking up and looking out through the flowers.

Looking at the picture I think I see four babies in there. The two on the right with their eyes showing and two more on the left, one looking to the back of the basket and one showing his back.

I went back inside, grabbed a stool and my camera and climbed up  to see what was going on in that basket. The little ones immediately pulled in and tried to hide themselves. I snapped away, trying to get a good shot of them. Focus, snap, focus, snap. Lost in the moment and trying to get that perfect picture.

Completely forgetting that I was still in my nightie. Out in broad daylight, on top of a stool with the breeze blowing the skirt of my nightie up and away.

Oy vey.

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