Sunday, July 19, 2015

Emerald Isle, Day Three Point Five

Toured an Irish potato famine cottage while we were working our way back home.

Stunning views of the ocean. Heartbreakingly primitive inside. Dirt floors, rough hewn furniture, dark and bleak interior.

The cow lived inside with the family.

Reading a placard inside, I decided the saddest part of that time period was finding out there was plenty of food to feed the Irish people. The people controlling the food were exporting it to make money.
View from inside the car as we came upon a teeny, tiny village.

Every time we went around a bend, the view got more incredible. Villages and farmland. And field upon field of pure glorious green.
These houses were built to survive.

I wonder if our homes will be around hundreds of years from now. We can barely keep a roof for thirty years.
A nosy neighbor came to greet us as we walked around.
Oh my. I could look at this forever.

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