Monday, July 27, 2015

Cracked Pot

Cheesecake in a jar

M and I had snack last week at knitting class. She made barbecue kielbasa and pasta salad for dinner and I made these for dessert. As my knitting teacher said while eating one, "Well, that shut them all up."

Looks fancy. Super easy. Portable.

Winner in my book.
Wandered around the yard and found some clay pots the Man had left outside. They reminded me of a story I heard a while ago. 

Two pots, one cracked and one whole, were used to carry water back from a mountain spring. The whole pot always arrived with a full pot of water while the cracked pot only had a half pot of water. The cracked pot was ashamed because it could not carry a full pot and wanted the master to smash it and get a new perfect pot. But the master told the pot to look at the path on the way home that evening. The cracked pot saw beautiful flowers along one side of the road - the side that the cracked pot was on. When they got home, the master told the cracked pot that he planted flower seeds on that side so that the cracked pot could water them each day as they returned home. It was because of his "flaw" that the flowers grew and provided the master with beautiful flowers for his home. His flaw was not a flaw after all.

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