Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Eating the Rainbow

I'm enamored with the colors of the rainbow chard.

It's easy to eat the rainbow this time of year.
Going through a heat wave right now. The garden loves, loves, loves, the heat. Especially the tomatoes. I love, love, love the heat. Especially after a snowy, cold winter.

We've been sharing our bounty with family, friends, and neighbors. While I love all the fresh, organic produce coming out of the garden, there's only so much we can eat.

The Man has been freezing lots of green beans. We'll enjoy those through the winter. 
It's been quite a week.

Three wakes in two days. I feel like I'm living an alternate reality - instead of "Four Weddings and a Funeral" it's "Three Wakes and a Birthday Party".

Heading west this weekend to celebrate with Mom and the rest of the Man's family. Mom's got a big birthday coming up - she's turning ninety.

We're going to have a CELEBRATION!

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