Friday, July 3, 2015

Bean Town

Off to Bean Town today. 

The Man and I always choose some revolutionary war site to visit on the fourth of July. We've done some traveling over the years and these trips are usually in the top ten for favorite memories for J and K. I think this year will make the cut.

We added J's girlfriend, L, to the mix. Her younger cousin was visiting so she came along too. 

It was a hot, sunny day. We took every opportunity to duck inside and get out of the sun for a little bit. And sit down.

Mostly to sit down.

There's a lot of cobblestone in Boston. I almost went down several times. The Man and J and K don't even pay attention to it anymore. They just roll their eyes and keep on keeping on.


We liked visiting the churches along the Freedom Trail, imagining the families that worshipped there in the past.

The boxes in the churches (no pews) were purchased by families. We couldn't figure out why they boxed people in.  I snapped a shot of K's sneakers against the faded wood floor in one of the boxes and then added my favorite effect - Waterlogue.
A happy crew.

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