Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friendly thrifting

Thrifting with way to spend a Saturday. My good friend M. and I went treasure hunting yesterday. All in all, a  pretty good day. 

We meandered through a small antique shop, spending a couple hours looking at all the pretty glass in the windows and the gorgeous old furniture that the very pleasant shop owner refinishes to sell in his shop.

You can see him in the photo board above. He was talking to M about a mirror and I was looking out the window at all the snow. When I turned around, his face was beautifully lit by the light coming in the window. I asked if I could take his picture. He was a little shy but then loosened up and smiled. What a good sport, he was.

We got chilled as we walked around. There wasn't a lot of heat in this building shack. It originally started out as one room, and they kept building rooms on over the years so it's kind of all scrabbled together into a strange shaped building. There's a couple wood stoves in the place and the owner kindly led us to one of them so we could warm our hands over the hot top. 
One of the back rooms held all paper goods - books, maps, magazines, postcards, stationery, you name it and it was in there. 

I found a book of children's stories that had a little Dutch girl on the front. She had to come home with me. She asked very nicely.

And M and I had a blast sorting through the postcards, reading the backs and imagining the stories behind them. I picked up a dozen or so for my vintage calendar project.
M opened one of the map drawers in the paper room and found a plastic bag filled with Christmas and Valentine stationery. 

We are now the proud owners of vintage holiday paper goods. The sweet Valentines are perched in my china display cabinet, smiling at me every time I walk by.

They're very glad to be out in the world again, not closed up in a bag in a dank, dark drawer in a cold shack somewhere in the deep, woodsy forest.

No drama here, people. Just keeping it real.
And this is my grand finale...a vintage Brownie camera. Love. Love. Love.

Of course, I don't know how to use it. But I'll figure it out. 


  1. Beautiful photographs - really! The glass, that fellow's face - beautiful.

  2. Oh scored! I know someone (through her blog) that has a collection of vintage camera's on display. Love it.

  3. Thanks, Lisa =] He was such a good sport while i took his picture!

    @Annie - the Man was just thrilled that I found something else to collect...

  4. you have an unbelievable ability to capture the essence of things...really impressive. Wow, I think to myself--I know a true artist!-


  5. thank you for the very kind words, mbc =]