Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mr. Golden Sun

I carry a point and shoot camera with me in my handbag. I don't want to miss anything.

It doesn't take the best pictures, or even great pictures, but it's better than no pictures.

Which of my photographs is my favorite? The one I’m going to take tomorrow. – Imogen Cunningham 
I've kind of gotten in the habit of carrying my Nikon with me over the past few months. Not every day, but almost. Enough days that I haven't had to use my little point and shoot in a long time.

Then one day, I forgot my Nikon.

And of course, the perfect photograph appeared. Ack, where's my camera?

Er, let me dig up that point and shoot at the bottom of my handbag. Ack, where is it?

Ahhh, there it is. Now I can snap the photo.

Um, why isn't it turning on?

Maybe because the battery is dead.

Grrrrr. There goes the award-winning photograph I was going to take. Right before my eyes. Literally.

A good snapshot stops a moment from running away.  ~Eudora Welty
I let it sit in my handbag for a while, forgetting to charge the battery.

Until yesterday. I remembered to charge the battery.

And found these beautiful late summer images.

Oh boy, do I like seeing the sun right now.
Even a setting one.

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