Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Vintage Daily Journal

photo from designspongeonline.com
I. love. this.

I found this idea a few weeks ago and decided to start it on January 1.

Okay, it's now January 4 and I still haven't made it yet. But I've written my sentences on my new "Forgotten English" calendar and will transfer them over tomorrow.

Because I am determined to get this thing made tomorrow. 

My MIL has journals from both her father and one of my FIL's uncles. Their journals look very much like this - short entries, one or two sentences, with a number of years on each page.  I love reading them. They've captured moments like the start of wars, births, deaths, weather patterns - it's amazing the history they've recorded in these little journals they kept.

Since I really don't like New Year's resolutions, I'm calling it something else. It's a New Year's "hope I follow through on this really great idea" project. I'm collecting those right now. If you have any, please share in the comments.


  1. A cute idea, and compact!
    I also dislike New Year's resolutions - I'm forever getting ideas to begin doing things differently or better - if I waited till the year's beginning, I'd be in real trouble! :)
    However.............I do have a couple of "intentions" for new practices. One is, really looking at my more frequently-used recipes in order to elaborate on them - perfect them, I guess? Or make some nice variations.
    I also want to really go over Anna's blog, my favorite, and see if I can find any ideas for improvements to the way I do things. She's an inspiration to me, so it seems a sensible thing to do. (you did say you were collecting, right?)

  2. yes, i did! i like the thought behind your ideas, lisa. going over things looking for improvement. i think that's a good thing to do with our daily lives, too =]