Thursday, January 13, 2011

A wee bit of snow, part deux

We haven't put all the trees away and this one was sitting very prettily against that gorgeous blue sky this morning. And since I'm currently knitting Christmas stockings, you can see I'm not in a hurry to bid farewell to the season, either. 

A friend of mine has been posting about the Christmas holiday period. You can read her thoughts here. She has a very sweet blog and I love reading her insightful commentary on life around her. I hope you enjoy her writings too. 
There is SO. MUCH. SNOW. 

Driving is treacherous since you can't see around the mounds and mounds of snow at the corner of every single intersection you come to.

And I'm pretty sure people shouldn't be driving the speed limit when there's thick slush on the roads.

And eighteen wheelers should NOT pull out in front of you when there's not a single person behind you. Especially when you're entering a patch of thick, slippery, slushy slop.

And I'm quite certain people should leave more than a skateboard's distance between them and you while following you. You may have to brake for eighteen wheelers that pull out in front of you. Oh wait, they only do that when there's no one behind you.

We need lessons in winter driving manners, please. 
Pulling out of the bank's drive in window this morning.

Breathtakingly beautiful.
I had this wreath on the front door during the Christmas holiday. Now it's sitting on the barn, pretty as can be. She's too simple and lovely to throw away so I'm letting her stay through the winter.

I love winter guests.


  1. I could swear that I posted here last night - but I guess I dreamed it - or posted on someone else's blog! Ha! anyway............

    Thank you for your kind remarks.

    On another note, that tree in your photo looks awfully like the one at the library!

  2. it is the tree at the library! i just brought all the trees downstairs yesterday but had to snap one last photo before they went away for the year :-( p.s that's your window it's sitting in!

  3. Please don't ever take a fully-lit picture of my window at the library! I am filled with amazement at that photograph - didn't recognize my own window.

  4. ha. okay, no fully lit pictures!

  5. beautiful pictures, love the one coming out of the bank!