Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weekend at Auntie's and Fenn Uusto

Scenes from last weekend's visit to Auntie and Uncle's house.

We made Nan's fritters. Which I thought came out fine but evidently didn't meet up with D's standard - my uncle.

"Aren't these fritters delicious?" says Auntie.

"Mmmmm, hmmmm, mmm," says E between bites.

"Well, they're pretty good, Auntie, but not as good as Uncle T's," says D. 

What???? I may have screeched. I worked hard on these fritters. They take time and a little patience when you have two seven year old helpers, and I use that term loosely. 

"Well, Uncle T doesn't have two seven year olds 'helping' him," says Auntie with a bit of a harrumph.

"Oh, Auntie, you're just kidding!" says D.

Ha. That's what she thinks.
E's my sewing pal. She is loving her new sewing machine. 

Friday night she melted onto my shoulder and looked at me, saying, "Auntieeee, I want to do something with youuuuu."

"Well, E, it's kind of late. We really don't have time to do much of anything," says Auntie, looking up from her laptop.

"Pleaaaaaaasse, Auntie, can't we do something?" E softly asks.  How can an Auntie resist that plea?

"I know what we can do. Let's just take a LOOK at your sewing machine, okay?" Gotcha. E wins again.

An hour and a half later, we've produced two small pillows and the girls are ready for bed.
This is my new favorite food in the whole world. At least right now it is. That's always a revolving list.

Found this lovely, lovely cheese at a small grocery store tonight. The Man and I went out to gather snacks before tomorrow's impending snow disaster hits us. While he was getting cold cuts, I was wandering around the cheese bar.

A dangerous place to wander.

I couldn't resist trying oven baked cheese that told me to dip it in my morning coffee.

This is the BEST. CHEESE. EVER.

I heart this cheese. I heart Wisconsin for making this cheese. I may have to move.


  1. That collage picture is breathtaking, especially the left picture of your niece's profile. Wow...
    And, where, pray tell, did you get that cheese. It looks, shall we say, interesting? What cheese would you say it resembles in taste? Muenster?

  2. @Annie - i'll send you the info via fb.