Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Beach Story

Once upon a time a family spent the weekend at the beach.

Restful. Fun. Gorgeous weather.

It was not a highly ambitious weekend. The people spent lots of time playing on the beach, in the water, looking for shells.
Auntie found pretty light in Uncle T's dining room.

She had pretty models for about seven point three seconds. The girly girls taught their auntie a trick from another aunt, Miz Boo. She is a wonderful photographer.

We turn away from the camera, Auntie, and count, One, Two, Three, Turn! and when we look back, we'll have smiles on our faces.

That is a very nice trick, Miz Boo. It works great.
One night all the people went over to the really dangerous beach where the big, horrible, great white shark was seen swimming, chasing after seals, and gobbling them up.

They looked up the beach. They looked down the beach.

All they found was a pretty little family taking some pictures of themselves.
Another day, the boy made his Mama-lou try kayaking.

Mama-lou did not want to try kayaking. She has kayaked before. It is hard work, especially on the arms. But Mama-lou was a good sport and kayaked for her boy. 

Because he said the magic words, I really want to kayak with my mom.

Just breathtaking.
The boy who knows how to get his Mama-lou to do what he wants.


  1. love, love, love this post. makes me want to stay in our little beach cocoon. can't wait to go back.

  2. it does feel like a cocoon out there, doesn't it?