Monday, July 16, 2012

Beach Drama

Hot, hot, hot.

I put ice in this water and it was gone, gone, gone in about ten seconds.

We escaped to the beach this weekend for a brief respite from the heat. 


The heat followed us.

On a perfect beach day, the wind would be blowing this light, airy, gauzy curtain all over - fluttering to and fro as the breeze blows in and out of the window.

Do you see this curtain blowing?

Me either. Which means no cooling breeze, no dry air, and no respite from the heat.

Oh well.

At least we can get wet.


The tide was way, way out during the hottest part of the day so we could not swim until dinner time.


This isn't working out the way I pictured it.
We had good company this weekend. Nana the Great came to the beach with my dad. 

Yay! Nana!

I feel twelve again when Nana is around. 

We crocheted together. Just like we used to do when I really was twelve.
My gorgeous niece, MR. I caught her just after she came out of the shower and made her come outside with me.

I needed a model.

I didn't even let her comb her hair. 
I've been reading a book about the history of color and photography. So many gorgeous pictures in this book.

I seem to be drawn to pictures that are mostly monochrome with a tiny splash of color.

Like the photo above.

I love the red boat most of all, amidst all that neutrality.
This big sky has drama written all over it. All kinds of clouds and deep color. Sunlight reflecting off the bottoms of some of those clouds and stormy looking clouds sliding in and under.

Can you see the contrails on the right side of the picture?

I love sitting on the beach, looking up at the sky, and wondering where all those people are going. I wonder whether they are leaving home or going home. And whether they are leaving someone behind or meeting someone at the other end. Is someone sitting at a window, silent tears welling up, as they watch the land fall farther away? And is someone else stifling a giggle, barely able to sit still, knowing that the person they love most is waiting for them, watching the skies for their plane to arrive?

Yup, there's drama in the sky.

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