Monday, July 2, 2012

Buzzing and Bumbling

Mr. Bumblebee loves the bee balm.

It's monstrously large right now. I don't know about everyone else, but our plants are huge this summer.

Like prehistoric size.

The Man and I walk around the yard every couple of nights and marvel at the size of everything.
I dropped K off at orientation this morning. We're lucky we made it there.

Driving along, I started chatting with K, asking her simple questions.

(They have to be simple. It was before noon. She wasn't really awake. Plus, as an added bonus, she's not a morning person. Not even a smidge.)

So I'm asking her simple questions, Did you bring this? Did you bring that? Yes-or-No simple.

She discovered she had forgotten contact lens solution. No problem, I say. We'll stop at a store along the way

A few miles later, she pops up, takes a large, gasping breath and says, We have to go back home. I forgot the email confirmation I was supposed to bring.

Oh no, Geronimo. Now we're going to be late.


Just a note to file away for the future if you don't have teens yet:

When your teen is stressed out about being late to her freshman orientation, it may not be the best time to say something like, Why didn't you put the email in your bag? 
We got the email, discovered that we had a larger window of time to check-in at orientation, and relaxed a little bit for the rest of the ride. All was well with her world.

Until we got to campus. Then she got nervous.

She denied it, of course, but I could tell she was nervous. 

She was talking to me. She never talks to me.

She was laughing with me. Usually she laughs at me.


It was kind of nice. We should make her nervous more often.
I love this new perennial.

It's a corydalis. Also called bird in the bush.

Don't they look like tiny red birds perched on the shortest of branches?

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