Sunday, July 29, 2012

Out For a Sunday Drive

The Man and I took a drive today.

A Sunday drive, just like my grandparents used to do. We didn't start out that way. We were on our way to visit someone in the hospital, over two hours away. We left bright and early - directions, GPS, and iPhone in hand. 

Water bottle? Check.

Camera? Check.

Good. We're off. Into the rain again. 

Two hours and fifteen minutes later we arrive at the hospital. And find out that our someone has been discharged.


What? I called yesterday. And was told our someone was there.

I should have called today.



Me: I should have called this morning. I'm sorry I wasted our day.

Man: It's not wasted. I got to spend it with you.

Boy, is he good.
My pretty colored wooden shoes aren't so pretty right now.

I found a monster sized spider hiding behind one of the shoes, tucked under the heel. I think he's the culprit behind all the webs covering my shoes. All twelve of my shoes. That's a lot of spider web, in case you're wondering. It looks like something out of a B-movie.

Nothing a little shop-vac can't get rid of.

Take that, Mr. Scare-me-silly Spider.
Lobsters are cheap, cheap, cheap right now.

Dad and Sissy and Sissy's family came over and we all went to pick up our steamed lobsters at the local market. No muss, no fuss. Just bright red lobsters, ready to eat.

Top dinner of the summer. It was unanimous.

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