Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Great North Woods

Spent the weekend in the Great North Woods. My sissy-in-law and her husband have a gorgeous Victorian home in a quintessential New England town. 

Walking distance to the town center. Acres and acres of wildflowers. A beautiful view wherever you look. If only they didn't get so much snow in the winter.
We went out to dinner at a fun, colorful Italian restaurant with outdoor seating. 

And pink flamingos. Everywhere.

It was a perfect summer evening to sit outside and drink wine, laugh over shared memories,  and eat some amazingly delicious food.

I have found the perfect Caesar salad. Of course, I say that after every Caesar salad I eat.

I really do like them.


While everyone was talking last evening, I meandered around the house looking for details. I like shooting the little things that make up the big thing.

I think those are what people usually like about something but can't pinpoint it.
My sissy-in-law has the most welcoming, cheerful house. 

It looks like it's smiling.

No matter where you find yourself, there is always a cozy spot to settle in and have a visit. We did that all afternoon while the guys were out in the fields, walking property lines. 
When I got back to the house, my sissy-in-law asked if I had gotten some good shots.

Oh, yes.

I asked her about the flowers growing in her fields and told her I had walked way up behind the house to get some pictures looking down. She wasn't sure what kind of flower it was but mentioned that I was near the area she normally sees the bears. 



I told her next time she should share that information with her visitor before they go wandering around outside, looking like dinner to some big old hungry bear.
Some pretty daisies that my brother-in-law picked so sissy-in-law could put them in our bedroom.

Thanks, guys, for such a nice weekend.

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