Sunday, July 1, 2012

{Granny} Squares

Granny squares from my granny.

Nan was busy all winter long, crocheting and playing with colors. Sissies and I sent her off with a big bag of yarn and asked her to make them up in any combinations she wanted. She had some color pointers from Uncle T, who got dragged into the project I'm sure.

She ended up making over one hundred of these squares.
I started piecing them together a couple weeks ago and finally finished one pillow front today.

I love the colors.

I might make some crocheted flowers from this book to put in the center of the squares. I kind of like the three dimensionality of the piece shown below. I think the flowers would mimic that look pretty well.
Nan isn't sure where she got this piece from but she wasn't going to do anything with it so she gave it to me. 

I know exactly what to do with it.

Make another pillow and give it to K. She loves roses.


Off to bring K to freshman orientation tomorrow. 

Hope she gets the classes she wants. So far they've scheduled her for one computer science class, one math class, two art classes and a music class. 

Surely she must be majoring in the arts, you would think.


She's a computer science major.

Go figure.


  1. I am glad to see my pillow is coming along so nicely! Thanks sissy!