Friday, July 27, 2012

A Beach Story, Chapter Two

Once upon a time there was a family at the beach. And there was a little girl in this family that had so much love in her, it bubbled up and came out.

Just in time for her auntie to snap! and catch that love forever in a photograph.
The little girl loved, loved, loved lying on the warm summer sand with her daddy. She could stay on that blanket all day, bending her knees, feet in the air, swaying back and forth while she traced patterns in the sand with her fingers.

Until she spied her auntie taking her picture. 
One night the family was at that dangerous beach, the one with the sh-sh-sh-shark.

The other little girl in the family wanted to be a lifeguard. She took her job very seriously, scanning up and down the beach. 

For about five minutes.

Then she jumped up in the air and off the lifeguard chair, lickety-split.

There was a piece of driftwood lying in the sand. Time to explore.
Jumping the waves. This family has played this game for many years, since the older cousins were little ones a long, long time ago.

E can hardly contain herself. She loves to jump the waves the most I think.
There was a boy in this family who had a girlfriend, Princess Girlfriend. She tried to take some nice photos of the boy and his sissy.

But sometimes what starts out so sweet can go so sour, so fast.

Can you see the boy's sissy hunching over, protecting her gut as the boy's arm starts to come up? She knows what's coming next. He's looking for trouble and she's going to make sure he finds it. The boy's sissy and Princess Girlfriend can hold their own against the boy. Good thing they don't take any guff from him. 

The boy gives a lot of guff.
Cotton candy clouds reflected in the water.

The sunset that night was spectacular.
The boy and Princess Girlfriend.


Kissing because the boy's mom asked them to. She wanted to take this photograph for them.

So they kissed.
And there were fireworks.

The end.

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