Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Waiting for Fireworks

The Man and I went to see the fireworks tonight.

After we spent way too much time at the cell phone store.

We better be out of here soon, I said to him, or we're going to see some fireworks right HERE!

The Man got a new phone. 

An iPhone.


Gulp. He's gone over to the dark side.

And now I want one.

Just because the Man has one and he can't have something more techie than the one I have.

Just a few scenes from tonight.

I've never really shot fireworks before. It's kind of tricky.

I need more practice.

A quintessential summer night.

Kids playing ball, babies crying, families gathered together on blankets and in chairs. Snacks and bottled water being passed back and forth.

Cars lined the street where we waited for the fireworks to start. A warm summer night with no breeze meant lots of mosquitoes. I had to hide in the car for a while to escape their stabbing bites. Country music playing from someone's car radio.

I love small town living.
Happy fourth of July eve.

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