Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Own Deck of Cards

Guess what came in the mail this week?

My business cards!

Although I use the word "business" quite loosely since I don't have a photography "business." I have a photography "thing". Meaning I shoot for people who pay me, but only through word of mouth - no advertising.

I'm very exclusive, you know.

Recently over the past few months, I have had past clients ask me for business cards to give to friends. Word of mouth at work, folks. So I have been trying to design a card, or logo, or something to print on the face of the card and hemmed and hawed over design styles, colors, names, slogans, and all the other advertising angles you can think of. After agonizing over this for weeks, and finding it hard to commit to one design, I finally found a blogpost written by a photographer who wrote something like this:

Why would a photographer choose a design element for their business logo? If a photographer isn't using his/her own work on their business card, they're missing a golden opportunity to showcase their work. 

Well, honest to Pete, that made a whole lot of sense to me. Keep it simple, stupid.
I went straight to tinyprints, my most favorite card making company, and found this gorgeous card template.

Three of my favorite photos. 

Each unique. 

Each telling a story.

They are just what I wanted and just what I had been waiting for. Thank you, Mr. Photography Blogger.


  1. Love the cards, you'll have to give me some for when I'm officially a JP (Justice of the Peace). I was thinking of making some cards up too, but I'll wait until I know that I will, indeed, be a JP.

  2. I will absolutely give you some!