Thursday, July 26, 2012

Daydreams and Jumping Beans

I have this action called "cross processing" that I love, love, love on certain photos, like the two above. 

Cross processing is deliberately processing photographic film in a chemical solution that is meant for another type of film. It does quirky things to color and tends to give the photo an older look, kind of like seventies Polaroid pictures.

They are a bit wonky but I heart them.
I want to know...

....what is going on behind those gorgeous blue eyes?

...what is P taking a picture of? 

...why Sissy and K were calling me to take a photo of the shadow heart they were making when I had a perfectly good heart silhouette right before me?

...what is my BIL pondering, standing at the edge of the ocean?
Two sissies. 

Couldn't be any more different sometimes. Especially when it comes to critters.

E loves crab hunting, and picking up crabs, and letting the little ones crawl all over her hands.

D? Not so much.

She's looking a little bit stressed to be holding that crab. But she was determined to hold it.

Brave girl.

Bravo, girl!
J and P.

P hid from me all weekend. I had to sneak photos of her.

She finally relented and smiled pretty for the camera.

Thank you, P.

Can't you just feel the love in these photos? 

All these cousins have



fun together as they 





The girls in the top right photo do not belong to us. They are simply some random strangers that were shooting behind me and I couldn't resist taking some photos of their great jumps. 

Thanks, strangers.


  1. yup, definitely can't wait to go back. and I need copies of all these pictures. love them all.

  2. Love the heart silhouette !! Beautiful pictures!!!

  3. i can't wait to go back either. i miss the ocean. and m, i love the heart silhouette too =)