Monday, June 7, 2010

Holding Out

My new toy.

No, it's not an iPhone. I haven't jumped on that bandwagon yet.

It's an iPod Touch. Or a crackpod. Whatever you want to call it.

All I know is I can't put it down.

It's a very good thing I don't have an iPhone. Or I would be one of those people. Always on it. Tapping away at it. Checking it every five minutes.

I'm not ruling one out. I'm just not eager to have my life consumed by a gadget.
Remind me of this conversation when I eventually cave in and get an iPhone.

And if you see me obsessing over it, just whisper "crackphone".


  1. oh yeah...I got an iTouch a couple of months ago...I LOOOOOVE it. As soon as December rolls around and my phone contract is again up for renewal I will be plunking $$ down for Verizon's answer to the iPhone..the Droid.
    Do you use the iTouch for music? Or internet? Or something else? I love it for the music..listening to it constantly. Of course, I bring my laptop almost EVERYWhere so I don't use the itouch for internet as much...YET anyway :)

  2. I'm using it for music, internet, games, recipe keeper (great when i'm shopping and can't remember the ingredients i need), movies, note keeper, everything except the phone.

    Let me know how you like the Droid - I keep hearing good things about it.

  3. How do you use it for a recipe keeper? That sounds intriguing :)

  4. I enter the recipe as a note and then I can search for it by title.