Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just an Ordinary Day

I don't know where you are but it's hot, and humid, and sticky where I am.

But I am not complaining. No sirree, bob, not me.

Even when our power goes off five or six times. Although it came right back on, my computer was not a happy piece of electrical equipment. It was kind of cranky and had to be rebooted a couple times.

Sometimes it gets stuck on the blue "welcome" screen. I think it's being a little sarcastic.

I'll just shut you off, Mr. U-n-c-o-o-p-e-r-a-t-i-v-e Computer. So there.
The Man took me for a tour of his garden today. He doesn't really like it when I go back there. He blames me for any casualties.

Last summer, I decided to sneak back there for a peek and K. saw me walking toward the garden.

I heard her say to the Man, "Dad, she's going to the garden."

There was barely a moment's pause and he yelled, "STOP HER!"

K. came flying out of the house, down the stone steps and restrained me from going any further. I was a bit insulted. They claim it's protective detail for the plants.


Like they need protecting from me. What am I, a plant assassin?
Now? They escort me to the garden. I'm allowed to take pictures but I can't actually step in the garden and I certainly can't touch anything.

I hate weeding. That works fine for me.
The strawberries are looking good and the lettuce will be ready soon.

Fresh fruits and vegetables. Is there anything better?
I can't wait for the first stuff to come out. No fertilizer, no pesticides, nothing unnatural at all.

Just fresh organic produce.
I was sitting at the table after dinner and snapped some pics of the J. and K. wrassling with each other. She is fearless and not afraid to get in his face.

And then she runs fast.

He holds back as much as he can but she keeps pushing.

Eventually there's some hooting and hollering and their mother gets involved. But it's all good, clean fun.
Day is done. God painted a beautiful sky tonight.

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