Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer at the library

Lazy, hazy hot days of summer.

Hammocks. And a good book.


Fans whirring softly in the background.

Birds singing.

Gentle breezes rustling leaves and bringing relief from the heat.

That is a perfect summer day.
Screaming children. Running children.

People lined up outside the doors of the library, twenty minutes before we even open.

People who assure me that no, really, their child is a gifted reader and is reading three, four, five, sometimes even six years ahead of the other children. I didn't know we had so many gifted children in our small town.

Super achievers who want to finish the school summer reading books before summer even begins.

People who argue about silly things, like 10 cent fines.

Oy vey.

That's what my summer days look like.

I want a hammock. And a glass of sangria.


  1. Glad I have a week off!

  2. Oh..boy. You guys have the difficult task of keeping everyone happy that comes into HML...good luck with that :)