Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's on YOUR refrigerator?

Some days I have no idea what I'm going to blog about and some days it writes itself.

This is one of the days I have nothing.


I hadn't even taken a single picture today.

*Better hurry up and do that so I can get a shot for my pic of the day project.

Can you believe this photo is my pic of the day? The front of my refrigerator.

I tried taking pics of a gorgeous bouquet of roses and gerbera daisies but I've taken too many flower pics recently. The kids were in bed, the dog was asleep and the Man would not be happy if I snapped a pic of him sleeping. About the only thing going on was my refrigerator running.

So I looked at with different eyes. I pushed things around. I moved things over. I cleaned things up.

And I love the montage I've created on my fridge.

There's my dad. And my funny magnet. But the pic I like best right now is my nephew and his bride. He's dipping her while she's in her wedding gown. This beautiful photo is a postcard-turned-thank-you note. They had a fantastic wedding photographer for their special day.

It may not be much to anyone else but it's a tiny slice of my life right now. And since my pic a day project is supposed to show vignettes and snippets from my life, this fits the bill just right.

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