Tuesday, June 1, 2010

That's Madame Vice President, if you please

Gosh Pete.

I'm just so proud of this young lady.

My sugarbug.

We attended a year-end banquet tonight for the town's emergency medical service corps. Kate volunteers on that corps and has her MRT.

She's currently working on getting her EMT certification.

This is one dedicated young lady. She spends LOTS of hours at the ambulance building, training and planning, being "on call" and responding when needed.

The advisor for the teens gave three awards tonight and K. received one of them. The "Most Dedicated Service Award", or as the advisor said, the award for the hardest worker. As she was talking about the person who won the award, I started thinking it might be K. because she kept looking at her. She called K. her "go-to person", the one she could rely on to take care of business.

But the best thing she said was about K. was that she was never rude to anyone. She was nice to everyone.

Of all the things I want for my kids, it's this. That they be nice to all.

From the time they were little bits I would tell them, You don't have to like everyone but you have to be nice to everyone. And guess what? They listened.

My heart was bursting tonight. And when I looked at the Man, I could tell his was, too.
This is the swearing in ceremony.

K. is the vice-president and in charge of the training schedule. She's been planning training since before she got elected. That's how dedicated she is. And confident.

I can't believe she's mine.

Love you, sugarbug.

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