Sunday, June 27, 2010

Newport and John Hiatt, part two


Just got home from a weekend in Newport. Some friends of ours went with us to see John Hiatt again.

We got there in time to watch the U.S. drop their football match to Ghana.

Pooh. Time to go get refreshments. That was a tough loss.

So we met our friends' daughter and her boyfriend for drinks before dinner. We haven't seen half pint in probably ten years. It was great catching up with her, meeting her beau, and getting to see her as a grown woman.

Dinner was good, company was great. Time to go see a concert!


Mr. Hiatt was playing under a tent, right on the wharf. It was a perfect night, with a nice breeze blowing off the water to keep us cool. The Man and his friend went to the beer tent. They walked up, the security guard slapped an it's-okay-for-this-person-to-drink bracelet on them, got their beers and came back. My friend, J., and I razzed them a bit about not getting carded.

J. and I headed over to the wine tent. The security guard stopped us and asked for our I.D.

We got carded. Are you kidding me? I knew my hair colorist is good, but evidently she's fabulous. She knocked about twenty five years off me.

Uh-oh. I don't have my license. I have to go find the Man since he's holding it for me.

The guys couldn't believe we got carded. Believe it, baby. That's why we color our hair.

John Hiatt and his combo were fantastic, just like they were in March at Lupo's. We had a blast watching people dance in the aisles and get so into his music. It's hard not to move when he plays "Riding with the King".
After the show, we stopped in at a place called Newport Blues. Heard a pretty good Heart cover band. It was a hoot watching kids, just a few years older than J., dance to Heart, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and other bands we grew up with.

Summer in Newport. That town comes alive at midnight.

I can't believe how many people are out, walking through the downtown area. I can't believe we were out, walking around at midnight. Time for this Cinderella to go back to the inn.
This morning we got up to fog surrounding us. The coast line was obliterated because of the fog. I was a bit creeped out.

Especially since the kids had just watched "The Mist" and I got sucked into watching it with them. There was nothing good in that fog, let me tell you.

As we were walking along the shore, I kept watching for prehistoric bugs to come flying out at any moment.

Again, with the drama.

The Man rolls his eyes and walks away.
It started to clear up a bit by the time we got to The Breakers, the summer home mansion of Cornelius Vanderbilt and his family.

Unbelievable. Ostentatious. Absolutely the Gilded Age, to the max.

And you can't take any photos inside.

I tried to get the Man to commit to re-creating this garden template in our yard.

He ran away from me.

After walking around the mansion, absorbing all the richness, we were a wee bit hungry. Our friends knew of an Irish pub that fixes a mean lobster roll, so that's where we went.

Ahhhh, more good food and good company. A great weekend comes to an end.

We're already planning the next one.

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