Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rock Star

I went back to elementary school today.

It still smells the same.

Little kids, spilled milk, and construction paper all combined into one unique smell - school smell.
My niece, E., was in a play she co-wrote and acted in with her friend E2. It was fantastic. The play was "How Dog Got His Bark". They're going to give Aesop a run for his money.

These girls are funny. Dog got his bark from eating the bark on a tree. Get it? Bark. Bark.

I had a blast and I'm so glad E. asked me to come to her play. My nieces still want me around. Not like my own kids.
When we got to school, we had to go to D.'s classroom so she could come watch her sissy in the play. Sissy went in to get her and I heard her teacher ask, "Is Auntie here?" and sissy said yes, she's out in the hallway.

That should have alerted me to something.

I peeked around the doorway and D.'s teacher introduced herself, shook my hand and said, how nice you can be D.'s show and tell today.


I'm show and tell?

Sissy gave me a oh-yeah-I-forgot-to-tell-you-this look.

I gave her a how-could-you-forget-to-tell-me-this look right back.

It all worked out just fine.

D. clung to me like a life preserver and I clung right back. She introduced me by saying, this is Auntie.

That was it. This is Auntie.

Take it away, Auntie.

So I started speaking and telling them about the fun we have when D. comes to visit me with her sissy E. We make fritters and cinnamon buns and cookies. We look for fairies and make traps for them. We find four leaf clovers. We paint and sing and play games. We paint our nails and curl our hair and play Legos and eat meatballs.

I told them to make sure they visit the library this summer. I had to say something educational, right?

All too soon it was over. I got a big hug from D. and a thank you from the teacher.

I'm a rock star.
Then I went to work and came home and got put back into my place.
I'm chauffer to K. and her friends.

"Mom, can you take L. and me to the school NOW?"

I bring home the bacon. And the pizza.

"What kind did you get? What? I hate mushrooms!"

And I'm shopper extraordinaire to the Man.

"I have to return my workboots. They're falling apart. Want to go play good cop/bad cop? I'm the good cop and you can be the bad cop?"

I think I like rock star status better.

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