Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Wednesday #4

Sissy and I thrifted today and found a tag sale at a local Historical Society. They had lots of junk treasures, rooms and rooms of junk treasures.

I brought home a suitcase full of junk treasures. There's a couple of old seed bags I found. I've been eyeing a few projects that call for those.

Did you know that during WWII housewives used simple cotton fabrics, like seed bags and flour sacks to make clothing for their families? Manufacturers created appealing sacks to attract the housewives to their products. Housewives simply unzipped the simple chain stitching to use it as fabric.

If you're interested in the history of feedsacks, you can read a great article here.
I picked up some old wooden spools with silk thread on them for next to nothing. And see all the button cards behind the spools? I love the illustrations on the cards. Those are going in my fabric cabinet.

I'll post pics of the fabric cabinet as soon as the Man finishes painting it. Of course he can't finish painting it until he starts painting it. And that means I have to pick out a color to paint it.


I hate committing to a color. There's too many to choose from.
I like the color of the suitcase I picked up today, kind of a cross between green and blue, kind of aqua-y and seafoam-y. Know what I mean, jellybean?

The best part about the suitcase? It was $1.00.

And do you see that Dutch girl with the attitude?

I love that girl. She's very sassy. And I love those yellow wooden shoes.

Remember? I love wooden shoes.
Look at those hands on those hips. That girl has something on her mind. And I'm guessing it's a little Dutch boy who just stole her lunch box, or some other piece of nonsense like that.

I have to find him. See if he's got attitude, too.

She's the second Dutch girl I've seen in the last few weeks. I was tagging (my new word for tagsale-ing) with Sissy a couple weekends ago and I found a much larger Dutch girl made out of plaster. She was a piggy bank. Lots of pinks and light greens with yellow tulips on her dress, she stood about 15" high.

I spotted her across a couple of tables, she had some attitude too.

I went over and picked her up. Man, was she heavy. I put her down for a moment to look at something else and BAM! A man swooped out of nowhere and took her! I turned around to get her and she was gone.

Sissy gave me a look and pointed at the man scurrying away. He was practically running to the checkout table.

I lost her.

So when I saw this little girl, I had to pick her up.

I learned my lesson. If you want it, hold onto it. Jeesh, I'm such a newbie at this thrifting stuff. There should be rules, like, if you see someone looking and holding something and they put it down for a moment, you should ask them if they're interested in it.

Oh well, c'est la vie. At least I found this little girl. And she was only $0.50.
I'm just starting to collect linen handkerchiefs. I saw this project and want to try and make it for K. Except she uses linen napkins. They're bigger.
I had to bring home this piece of embroidery. Someone spent a lot of hours on this and it deserved a good home. The geraniums are a brilliant cherry red.

They make me cheery.

All in all, a fantastic thrifting day.

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