Friday, December 21, 2012

A Christmas Carol

A quick shot with my iPhone while we were at The Christmas Carol. We saw it in a fairly small, intimate theatre in the big city - one that we'd never been to before. I look forward to going back to see other shows.

The production was wonderful and the man who played Ebenezer Scrooge was unbelievably funny. If you can believe that.

It had holiday dancing, Christmas carols, and glitter.

The trifecta for a captivating show.

And I can't forget the flying glow in the dark ghosts - Christmases past and present and various other assorted ghosts in the show. Those are the white creatures shown in the photo above.


It did the trick, getting us all in a festive mood. Keeping in line with the idea that the best presents aren't always presents, we did more things together this year. Spending time with each other - before life takes everyone in different directions. 

The next few days leading up to Christmas are going to be very busy. Parties, some cookie making, and lots of laughs. 

I'm ready.

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