Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Visiting

Meet my lovely sissy in law, JB. She's visiting for a few days to say hello to Mom. One of her daughters came with her and we're so happy they are here. I love having visitors at Christmas-time, don't you?

JB makes me laugh. And I love to laugh. Like today.

She was trying to use the phone to call her husband.  She could not figure out how to use the phone. She mis-entered the phone number and was trying to backspace to correct it.


I laughed because I have done this. 
Vignette from a table on the back porch.


Knitwits annual Christmas party was tonight. We ate. We laughed. We had a wonderfully funny, festive evening. 

Thanks, ladies.

Photos tomorrow. I'm too tired to post any now.

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