Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Homemade Christmas Tags

Time to make the holiday tags. 

I came up with these tags last year. They're fairly simple. 

One shipping tag. Found a box of 500 at a local stationery store.

A couple paper punches. I used a reindeer, a jingle bell, and a sled.

Some old Christmas cards. Nan used to cut up her old Christmas cards and turn them into package tags.  I used to love going through the box of tags she had in the basement. She was an original recycler.

After paper punching the cards, I used teeny, tiny adhesive dots to attach the shapes to the tag. The brand I used was Zots, but I'm sure any brand will do. I found them in the scrapbooking section of a local craft store.

Some jingle bells. I bought some jingle bell wreaths after Christmas last year that were marked down substantially and took them apart.

My new name is Auntie Jingle. I've decided I'm going to put a jingle bell on one gift that I give each person and over the course of our lifetimes, they'll have collected a jarful of jingle bells.

Tie the bell onto the string that comes with the shipping tag and you're all set to go. All you have to do is label them "To:" and "From:".


I started wrapping gifts tonight. Mainly because I started losing presents. I put them in safe places and then promptly forget where I put them. I started putting some in large tote boxes in the basement but those filled up quickly. So then I was stacking them in my closet but that pile got a little out of control. After that, it's like Thunderdome in the house. Presents are everywhere.

I told the kids not to look in the bags. If they did, it's their own fault there won't be any surprises on Christmas morning. 

A few got finished tonight. More tomorrow. And the next day. And the next day.

Feeling a bit overwhelmed.


  1. Cute label idea. I use Christmas cards from last year; just tear the front off, put the names (to and from), punch a hole and tie on a ribbon or piece of yarn. No sense in throwing away perfectly good card fronts -smile-.

  2. Thank you, Thistle Cove Farm! What you do is similar to what my Nan did with her cards. I love recycling them. Brings back good memories. Happy Christmas to you and yours!