Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas Presents

All the pictures from tonight are preserved in my memory.


I better get this down in writing.


Got together with some {very} good friends for a holiday party tonight. We talked and laughed, we ate, we drank bubbly, sparkly Prosecco, and then we laughed some more.

We are all at just about the same stage in our lives - kids grown and not really needing us too much anymore, married to the same spouse for umpteen years, most of us are working hard, in and out of the house.

We all hung out together for a while and then, as we are wont to do, the women drifted into the kitchen and the men had bonding time in the living room.

Their words. Not mine.

Spending time with friends. It was just the perfect way to start celebrating Christmas.

Thanks for such a lovely evening, everyone!


J came home before K this evening. Both of them were out with friends, home for the holiday break and eager to see their old mates.

He stretched out on the couch, pulled the dog onto his lap and started petting him. He looked over and told me how much he loved this part of the holiday - the build up. The anticipation. Looking at the tree with all the presents under it, watching a Christmas show. That he liked the gift exchange on Christmas Eve but that meant that Christmas would soon be over.

He speaks the truth, my son. And he's finally grown up. 

The best Christmas presents aren't presents at all.

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