Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fabric Goodness

I got some goodies in the mail today.

Ah, the projects I have planned for all this material. I don't know where to start.

I saw a wonderful messenger bag here. I might line it with the Parisian ladies fabric. Wouldn't that be a fun surprise inside a linen messenger bag?

And I want to make some more cloth diaper burp clothes like these with the owl fabric. I've made several sets of these to give away to new moms and people seem to like them. Of course, they're probably just being polite but I think they're pretty. And they make baby spit up look so nice.
My knitting class is getting together to make a quilted tote bag similar to this one and sissy and I decided to share a jelly roll of Amy Butler's Midwest Modern line.
I'm going to line mine with the green Garden Maze fabric and sissy is using the dotted material. Both of us chose the floral fabric for the inside pockets.

We're planning two days to make these bags but I think it's going to take longer. We like to talk and we like to eat.

That might cut into our sewing time. Someone is going to have to crack the whip.

As soon as I finish my snack.


  1. Beautiful fabric!!
    How are the camera straps coming along??

  2. Aieee....I get sidetracked by so many other things I want to do! But I need to make one for a gift so when I do that, I'll make a couple extra to sell. =]

  3. I am going to hold you to that, Cheryl!