Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Nifty Thrifty Wednesday

Look what I found today! Wuthering Heights fabric. How cool is that? Especially for a librarian. I don't know what I'm going to do with it yet, but it's going to be good. I'm starting to collect literary fabric as I find it. Of course, I'll have to make at least one library book bag out of it all but I plan on having some left for a rainy day project. This purchase counts as a thrifty one since I got the material at a clearance price of about $4.00/yd.

Why am I talking about thrifting you might ask?

Sissy and I have gotten into the pattern of hitting the thrift stores on Wednesdays. So I've decided to call them Nifty Thrifty Wednesdays.

I can't believe how much thrifting is like walking through our childhood right now. We saw so many items that made us look at each other and squeal, "Mom had that!" or "Nan had that!" Honestly, I probably could have bought the entire contents of my parent's house today in the five thrift stores we went to.

The most popular item of the day? Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass albums. I think every household must have had at least three of their albums. And now they're all in the thrift stores.
My BIL got a turntable for Christmas so he and Sissy have been looking for vinyl. Sissy hit the jackpot today and scored about 20 albums. She also found an old Remington portable typewriter. Very cool.

Me? I got some good stuff too.
This pie plate is the same one my mom had from her grandmother, my great-grandmother. Do you see the price on it?


That had to come home with me.
I found this cute little basket for $1.00. It's perfect for the pansies I have growing on my windowsill.

That had to come home with me too.

At that same shop, I found a "Gigi" album for $1.00 and a wooden rocking chair with removable cushions for the seat and back and a ruffled skirt around the bottom for $15.00. Sissy and I are going to learn how to reupholster big things. I'll post pics after we finish.
But my favorite purchase of the day? The vintage wedding decorations. Aren't they so sweet? I love them.

I can see their stories just by the way they're presenting themselves in the vase.

The couple on the right is madly in love, they've been planning their wedding for a year and everything went off perfectly. He's got a good job, she's happy to be a homemaker and is looking forward to the day she becomes a mom, then PTO president, then Women's Club president, then Grandma.

Now the couple on the left - they've got some attitude. He was a bad boy, leaning out the side of the convertible, whistling at her as she walked down the street. She looked at him over her shoulder, winked, and then sashayed into a coffee shop to meet her girlfriends. They dated for two weeks, decided to elope in Vegas,(baby!) and showed up curbside with their hair blowing and the veil flying behind her.
The Man thinks I'm a bit dramatic at times.

Huh. I don't see it.


  1. Very, very cute fabric. :)

  2. I love the wedding decorations AND the story!!!
    Made me laugh out loud.